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Barbara Grapstein

Need a boost of happy in your life?

Barbara Grapstein, owner of Gold Coast Giggles is the gal for you! A certified laughter leader and laughter yoga instructor, Barbara has traveled the globe edu-taining laughter's benefits. Laughter can reduce blood pressure, release endorphins, and lower stress. Barbara has presented at Canyon Ranch, senior centers all over LI, Girl Scout Troops and corporate events. Enjoy Barbara's magic with a group of friends anytime you have the urge to feel better!

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” - Milton Berle 

Barbara Grapstein  •  Certified Laughter Leader  •  Sea Cliff, NY  •  jzzybg@aol.com

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Barbara Grapstein is the founder and CEO of Gold Coast Giggles. Her enthusiasm to spread joy has lead her to become a Global Laughter Ambassador, Certified Laughter Leader and Laughter Yoga Instructor. Barbara's passion is her never ending devotion to helping others thru philanthropy complemented by her entrepreneurial spirit. Barbara is actively involved with several organizations including AATH, Steve Wilson's World Laughter Tour and Comedy Cures. She is a world traveler and has had the privilege of engaging with many influencers for various causes. She will always bring her contagious smile and enthusiasm to inspire a giggle.

Person in charge at Gold Coast Giggles    2011-Present

Laughter is the Best Medicine and Barbara educates and entertains groups with an assortment of silly improvisations to relieve whatever stresses are bothering them. Barbara is a Global Laughter Ambassador spreading giggles, smiles and good cheer wherever she goes. All types of groups young & old benefit from laughter’s positive attributes.

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Barbara Grapstein - making things right in the world through laughter and play...

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